My name is Michael Northbird, North like the direction and bird that flies, and I’m the DFL endorsed candidate for House District 2A in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. First and foremost – I’m a father, a husband, and I’m dedicated to my family. I’m a Native American, a constituent, a Minnesotan, and an American.

I decided to seek the opportunity to be your representative because I don’t believe our current leaders are truly advocating on behalf of all of us in the district. The priorities our District’s current legislators are pushing in St. Paul don’t match those of our community. We have a ways to go to make Minnesota a state that works better for all of us and not just those already at the top.

I’ll never lose sight of where I come from or the people who got me here. My culture and heritage are strong enough to keep me respectful and appreciative. I wouldn’t be here without people like you and I’m not running for this seat for me. I want to hear YOUR views and I want to know what matters to YOU. Please do not hesitate to email me at NorthbirdForMN2A@gmail.com.

I have inherent roots in this area dating back hundreds of years and, knowing how beautiful our area is here in Northern Minnesota, I would like the opportunity to help us keep it that way. District 2A is a great place to work hard and raise a family. It’s a great place to get an education; a place for individuals and families to be safe; a place of diversity and a place we all call home. We should have a community that we want to live in, that others want to play in, and that has a strong economy worthy of the hard work we as Minnesotans put into this State every single day.

If granted the honor of being your representative, I will continue to advocate for rural Minnesotan ideals, and never stop fighting for liberty and justice … FOR ALL!

Miigwech/Thank you